Sciatica Treatment Provided by a West Valley City, UT Chiropractor

If you have lower back pain, you may have a symptom known as sciatica. This particular issue can affect more than just your back. While you may think the only treatment is a pain reliever, our chiropractic care center, Back to Balance, serving West Valley City, UT, and the nearby region, offers natural treatments to relieve your sciatic nerve pain and other symptoms.

About Sciatica

Sciatica isn’t a condition as much as it’s a symptom. It could stem from damage to the sciatic nerve, or it could arise as the result of compression on the nerve. The nerve starts in your lower back and extends down each one of your legs. As a result of the damage or compression, you experience issues like pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness. These symptoms can extend throughout the entire sciatic nerve.

Causes of Sciatica

If you have a bone spur, it could place pressure on the nerve. It’s also possible for a bulging or herniated disc to press against it. You may have sciatica if you have a misaligned disc. Pregnant women often experience sciatica. Typically, in the first trimester, it’s caused by hormone changes. However, in the third trimester, it stems from the baby placing pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

The first step of the process is diagnosing the problem. In many cases, we can determine your diagnosis by just listening to your symptoms. In some cases though, we may perform imaging in order to determine the exact cause of your sciatica.

One treatment for sciatica is a chiropractic alignment. This particular treatment consists of our chiropractor manipulating your back manually. During the process, the practitioner moves the discs and vertebrae until they align with one another. Once we realign the spine, it takes pressure off the nerves that surround your spine, including the sciatic nerve.

We may perform spinal decompression also. This particular treatment consists of our chiropractor lying you down on a table. Once positioned, our chiropractor hooks you to a device that gently pulls the spine from both ends. It relieves pressure on the discs in the back as well as the nerves.

Part of your treatment may consist of our chiropractor providing you with techniques that you can use at home to alleviate your symptoms. For instance, we advise patients on how to use hot and cold therapy to effectively manage their symptoms. This particular treatment reduces swelling, which can take pressure off the sciatic nerve.

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