Auto Accident Injury Treatment from our West Valley City Chiropractor

There are many injuries you might have after a car accident, but one of the worst is whiplash. This is a condition in which the shoulders, neck, and/or back are forced forward after the impact of the car accident. Whiplash affects the ligaments and muscles in those areas, sometimes injuring just one, and sometimes all three. You may not be able to turn your head or move your shoulders without intense pain. The area may be swollen as well.

Concussions and herniated spinal discs are other very risky injuries in which you need to go to a doctor.

Why Don’t You Feel Pain Right Away?

Rarely do you feel pain instantly after a car accident. Why is this? Delayed onset pain, sometimes called delayed onset muscle soreness, can occur after muscles are stretched unnaturally. You often hear of this when it comes to exercise.

If you’ve ever gone to the gym and lifted weights, you don’t hurt that same day. Instead, your body aches the next day, sometimes even days later. Delayed onset pain is the same. It can take days and even weeks for the pain from your car accident injury to catch up with you.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help with the Pain

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the immobility of car accident injury pain, we encourage you to see a chiropractor near Magna and West Valley City. With techniques such as spinal decompressions, adjustments, and manipulations, injury pain from spinal misalignments and whiplash can be alleviated.

Massage therapy can also aide in sore ligaments and muscles as they heal. The sooner you get help after a car accident, the better, as this can help you avoid chronic pain.

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