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Human touch has always played a vital role in healing, both emotionally and physically. If you’ve always dismissed massage as a relaxing diversion but nothing more, you may be amazed at the sheer power and range of solutions offered by medical massage therapy techniques. Here at Back To Balance Chiropractic & Wellness in West Valley City, UT, we make frequent use of these techniques as a significant complement to our chiropractic care and other natural-non-invasive treatment options.

How Massage Heals

The manipulation soft tissues can be just as beneficial, in its own way, as the manipulation of joints in chiropractic adjustment. Different types of massage patterns and degrees of stroke depth can produce different healing and pain relief benefits. Massage is renowned for its ability to loosen and relax painfully tight muscles, but it also increases blood flow in the areas being treated. This effect can help fluid and inflammatory substances drain out of injured tissues. The same circulatory boost can optimize the lymphatic system to increase your immune system readiness, allowing you to recover from illnesses more quickly. Massage therapy can ease insomnia, help you manage chronic conditions, and treat acute back, neck, or extremity pain as an alternative to painkilling medication.

The Many Faces of Massage Therapy

Our massage therapist, Leslie (a graduate of the Professional Massage Therapy Program at the Utah College of Massage Therapy) works closely with our chiropractor, Dr. Roberts, in helping you get the most out of our holistic healing programs. Massage can make your chiropractic adjustments that much easier by loosening your muscles in advance. Depending on your specific condition and symptoms, you may also need specific types of massage therapy such as:

  • Swedish massage – This light, relaxing form of massage can ease superficial muscle pain and tension while also enhancing your circulation
  • Deep tissue massage – This firm technique releases adhesions and loosens deep-set muscle groups
  • Trigger-point therapy – Targeted pressure relaxes tight muscle knots known as trigger points
  • Reflexology – Reflexology works various parts of the foot that correspond to other areas of the body
  • Prenatal massage – We offer soothing, safe techniques for easing prenatal aches, pain, and edema
  • Sports massage – Sports massage can help you rehab injuries and prepare for events.
  • Myofascial work – Myofascial work can treat myofascial pain syndrome and venous insufficiency.

The application of essential oils (aromatherapy) may convey additional healing effects.

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