Prenatal Chiropractic Care at Back To Balance Chiropractic & Wellness

The nine months of pregnancy leading up to the birth of your newest family member can be a challenging time in many ways — from selecting the colors for the nursery to struggling with prenatal aches and pains. Fortunately, you can enjoy safe, drug-free pain relief in the form of prenatal chiropractic care at Back to Balance Chiropractic & Wellness. Our West Valley City clinic can help you feel better and prepare for a healthier delivery.

Common Musculoskeletal Problems During Pregnancy

If your pregnancy is starting to show, you may already be encountering some of the musculoskeletal discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy. The abdomen expands to make room for the developing fetus, which forces your posture to shift accordingly. This spinal alteration can cause alignment errors and muscular strain, producing hip pain, low back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Interference with normal nerve function may cause neurological symptoms in the arms or legs while also contributing to swelling and other common prenatal problems.

Your prenatal alignment issues don’t just affect you; they could also affect your baby. As your pelvic ligaments loosen to facilitate birth, they also destabilize your pelvic alignment. This change makes you more prone to pelvic or hip pain, but it may also make it more difficult for your baby to rotate in the womb during the third trimester. The result could be dystocia or difficult labor which might require a C-section to ensure a healthy delivery.

Natural Relief for Hip Pain, Low Back Pain, and Other Symptoms

Back To Balance Chiropractic & Wellness can help you obtain relief for our prenatal complaints without the worry over taking medications while pregnant. Our West Valley city chiropractor, Dr. Roberts, can make use of a special treatment table and gentle adjustment techniques that are completely safe for both you and your baby. By making subtle corrections to your spinal joint alignment, we can help minimize muscular strain and nerve impairment so you can have the most comfortable pregnancy possible. Chiropractic care throughout the third trimester can also help you maintain the correct pelvic alignment so your baby can assume the head-down position necessary for an uncomplicated birth.

Experience Prenatal Pain Relief From Our West Valley City Chiropractor
Don’t saddle yourself with unnecessary prenatal pains and complications. Get the pain relief you need while boosting your chances of a safe, normal delivery. Call Back To Balance Chiropractic & Wellness at (801) 966-5106 to schedule pediatric chiropractic treatment from our West Valley chiropractor!