Our Chiropractor in West Valley City, UT Discusses Sports Taping & Kinesio Taping

Athletes and others who participate in athletic events play hard and fast and often get hurt in the process. Pulled muscles, sprain ankles, dislocated shoulders, and other bodily injuries are all part of being active. While some injuries are not serious, they may require some one-on-one attention. At Back to Balance Chiropractic and Wellness, we work to create the perfect solution for everyone.

After an injury, the body needs to heal without medication. This is particularly true of most sports-related injuries. One of the greatest benefits of using Kinesiotaping is the dramatic effects the tape has on how fast it helps bruises and injuries to heal. It is the best non-medicine sports injury treatment recommended by most sports professionals and healthcare personnel.

What is Kinesiotaping?

Kinesiotaping or sports taping as it is often referred to is a process we recommend, following a minor sports injury. It is considered a reliable and preferred intervention treatment method among chiropractors and doctors working in integrative medicine. The process involves applying the tape properly to the skin creating a ripple effect as it gently lifts the skin.

The effects promote both negative and positive pressure on the affected area. When lymphatic vessels need to dilate, the tape allows the excess fluid to drain away from the injured area. This reduces pressure and pain and allows the blood to flow more smoothly, while enhancing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the surrounding affected tissues, thus increasing the healing process.

What are the Benefits of Kinesiotaping?

Kinesiotaping provides several benefits to helping injured areas. The tape contains topical ingredients and it is free from medication. It is effective in three ways:

  • In the way it interacts with the circulatory system
  • How it interacts with the nerves
  • How it interacts with the underlying fascia

Different Types of Kinesiology tape

Currently, there are several types of kinesiology tape on the market that are suitable for all skin types, and injuries. Both professionals and non-professionals can benefit from:

  • Precut strips- These types of kinesiology tapes are most commonly used due to their ease of application and removing. Tape can be applied and torn off, or applied and left in place.
  • Uncut rolls- Mostly used in medical settings like clinics, hospitals, and physical therapy, or rehabilitation centers.
  • Precut rolls for specific parts of the body- These require no cutting or measuring since they are already pre-cut.

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